Q. What is the advantage of refinishing over buying a new tub?
A: The cost of labor, materials and time associated with remodeling makes re-glazing very attractive, now more than ever. The advantage is no mess, the ability of use within 24 hours or less and minimal costs.

Q: How long does it take to the re-glazing process to work?
A: Depending on the unit, most refinishing jobs are less than 8 hours

Q: How long should I wait before I can use it?
A: Usually 24-48 hours. We do offer a 4 hour dry time product allowing you to use the unit the same day if you’d like!

Q: What is the material used in the re-glazing finish?
A: We use the highest quality material available: A high performance aphylactic urethane system with premium bonding agents. Not be confused with any paint rolled or brushed on coating.

Q: What is the guarantee?
A: Our double the industry-standard 10 yr Limited Warranty is included at no extra cost. Exclusions apply.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can get the work done?
A: Usually within a week, you can also order in advance to get on the schedule for the day of your choice.

Q: What colors are available?
A: We can match any color.

Q: Will a cracked tub or shower bottom reinforcement ever crack again?
A: AAA Dura-Glaze has not seen a reinforced bottom crack in 40+ years. Our company also offers a limited 10 year warranty.

Q: Will I lose depth of my shower or tub?
A; The liner is hardly noticeable; you will lose about 1/8th of an inch or less. In addition, this will allow for proper pitching of the base, preventing puddling that happens from poor drainage. No plumbing needs to be changed to allow for this.

Q: What should I clean my unit with?
A: AAA Dura-Glaze recommends cleaning your unit with any mild spray cleaner that says it is safe for fiberglass or acrylic surfaces that is non-abrasive and does not contain bleach.

Q; What if my unit has a plumbing leak?
A: Any type of dripping faucet or leaking plumbing could impact the finish. We recommend all plumbing to be fixed prior to having your unit refinished.

Q; What if there isn’t a window in my bathroom, can you still do the job?
A: We have multiple ways of ventilating the area we are working in. Some is done through an average size window in bathroom, if you have that we use a high-powered exhaust fan to remove all dust and smell while working. If the window isn’t big enough or you don’t have one in the bathroom, we use the same type of fan that contains a shoot on the end, which will ventilate out the closest exit point of the house.

Q: Why is refinishing better than lining?
A: Refinishing is more cost effective, sustainable and durable.

Q: Will my tub look painted?
A: No, it will not look like paint on a wall. It is a high-quality finish, similar to automotive applied by trained professional technicians.

Q: What if I’m remodeling the whole bathroom? Which comes first?
A: Typically, refinishing your unit would come after a bathroom remodel. There is no concern of damage or over spray. Other work going on in a bathroom could potentially damage your unit after it’s looking brand new.

Q: Can you refinish a unit that has been refinished before?
A: Absolutely, it does not matter how many times it has been done. There is an additional charge to remove a prior coating, but we can remove any coating. To ensure the warranty is valid, all prior coatings must be removed, this will prevent peeling or chemical reactions of the different style of coatings.

Q: Does the glaze seal grout?
A: Refinishing glaze does seal grout from deteriorating or color change and mildew, if it is in good condition prior to reglazing. It is recommended that we regrout any issue areas prior to reglaze.