The Process

Our refinishing process can be done in less time than replacing and at an average of 70% less cost. Refinishing generates less than 1 bag of waste and proves to be a sustainable method to update your home.

The refinishing process begins first thing in the morning. The technician who arrives will discuss the details of the job with the customer while looking over the project. The project area is properly protected to ensure no overspray, minimal dust and adequate ventilation is ensured through proper equipment to diffuse any odor or dust, regardless of layout of area. The refinish process itself will be completed, typically, in one day. There are options for 24 hour or 4 hour dry time depending on the situation and need for re-use. The AAA Dura-Glaze technicians are friendly, professional and trained to leave the house as clean as it was upon arrival.

Note: There may be very mild odor from equipment being inside home of the area we are working in. However, there are approved exhaust fans running to dissipate any smell in the house. We are able to accommodate areas even without windows. When the job is complete, a mild odor will be contained to the area of refinishing which is usually gone within 24 hours.