AAA Dura-Glaze LLC has provided reglazing services to the Greater Hartford area for twenty-five years. Below is just a sampling of the many complimentary letters written by our many satisfied customers. We are sure that you’ll enjoy the results of our quality services as much as they do.

Re: Skyview Unit 280, Fiberglass Tub Reglazing
The two Lasco fiberglass tubs in my unit developed quite a few fissures (which seem to have caused water to leak onto the ceiling below). Although a plumber re-caulked the faucets as a precaution, we decided to have both tubs re-glazed. There are a couple of ways to do this: by shoring the split from underneath, or by re-glazing the bottom of the tub.
We chose the latter method, having gotten a lot of helpful information from a company in Vernon: AAA Dura-Glaze. The company’s years of experience, 10-year guarantee, online testimonials, and obvious efficiency convinced us to schedule the work with them.

The job was completed on August 25, precisely as described, and the result was excellent. We could not have been happier with the finished product. The color match was perfect, and the tubs look new. The technicians were prompt, careful, and professional.
Please keep this company’s name in your reference file for Skyview.

Re: Bathtub Color Matching
Please receive and accept this letter as a positive testimony to a job well done in re-glazing a bathtub. On Tuesday the technician arrived at my rental property in Tolland, worked with me to select a color to closely match our other bathroom fixtures, and explained the process to me and the tenant who resides there. In short time the necessary decisions were made and I was on my way back to work. Last night I returned to the house to observe the finished product and could not be happier. The tub looks, literally, brand new and the color’s an exact match to color of the sink. Additionally, and unexpectedly, the tub is now nicely caulked to the surrounding fiberglass panels whereas it previously had a rather unsightly, non-caulked gap at that joint.
Thanks again for a highly professionalism in dealings with me relative to it. I would happily refer the Dura-Glaze process to anyone in need of bettering the appearance of bathroom fixtures.


Re: Bathtub Reglazing
I am writing to tell how exceptionally pleased we are with the job your man did on reglazing our bathtub. It looks like new and completely transforms the whole bathroom.
No doubt, much of the success is due to the technology involved, the chemicals and paint used to perform job. But, the major success must go to the young men who did the task. Personable and confident, they displayed not only an efficient expertise but showed pride throughout their work. It was apparent from the moment they started that they new what they were doing and moreover, intended to make the job perfect. They succeeded beyond our greatest expectations.
They say that business success is ultimately dependent on the people who actually perform the task. With guys like these, you will remain at the top. Congratulations.